Their practice manifests itself in large scale ceramic Sculpture, Installation, longer Durational Projects with no defined outcomes Did Cornish Food Just Taste Better (2019-ongoing), Performance, Public Programmes And Everything And Nothing Has Changed (2021), Dinners Experimental Supper (2019 - ongoing), Talks, Facilitation, and recently the formation of Temporary Civic Art Spaces An Other Art Space, (2021), A space for Others, not just another Art Space.   

Robin has delivered events, commissions and projects for and with Lokaal 01 (Antwerp); Russell Coates Museum, (Dorset), Royal Albert Memorial Museum, (Exeter), FEAST, White Gold international ceramic Festival (St Austell), Creative Civic Change (Par), Wheal Martyn Museum (Cornwall), Arts Council England,  Cornwall College, Deep Digital Cornwall & Future Foundry. 

Artist Statement (2021)
“what makes art so problematic to define? Is it the versatility of it? Or are we afraid that to define art would be to strip it of its freedom? Would each word serve as fencepost, hemming it in and thus rendering it inert?  - Eva Decaesstecker, (2016)


I am a Queer Neurodiverse artist; cultural producer; a writer; a chef; a dreamer; an experimental archaeologist; a mudslinger; a guide; a Queer man; a Performer, the hostess with the mostess.

-  with a touch of bipolar to keep things interesting. 

(I just call myself an artist for ease.)

The work I produce lives in the oblique, between research, action, performance, sometimes socially engaged and sometimes alone, there are formal structures and occasional objects, works with land, people and thought. They are increasingly coming together into projects, a project as a work, or a presentation of a series of works.  

Regularly collaborative, I work with Archaeologists, Geologists, Botanists, owners of heritage, organisations, charities, and communities. Some communities are specifically approached, and others form organically throughout a project. 

. I struggle to articulate what it is I am doing, so bare with me, explore it, and if you are happy to talk about it, please let me know, for I am tired of trying. 

I have tried and am still trying to define the work I make, and maybe in doing so I am loosing something, but i still feel I need to try, to try and explain the convoluted magnitude and simplicity in what I am doing. Maybe as the next works come together over the next few years it will become clearer to me. To build a dialogue between works, the similarities and differences, the things that give way and become words. These things will take time, when each of these works can take up to 5 years or more to complete, to try and see and then describe what you are doing before the thing has happened would be a mistake. So bare with over the next decade as I bring these works into the world, and hopefully with them some words.