Their practice manifests itself in large scale ceramic Sculpture, Installation, longer Durational Projects with no defined outcomes Did Cornish Food Just Taste Better (2019-ongoing), Performance, Public Programmes And Everything And Nothing Has Changed (2021), Dinners Experimental Supper (2018 - ongoing), Talks, Facilitation, and recently the formation of Temporary Civic Art Spaces An Other Art Space, (2021), A space for Others, not just another Art Space.   

Robin has delivered events, commissions and projects for and with Lokaal 01 (Antwerp); Russell Coates Museum, (Dorset), Royal Albert Memorial Museum, (Exeter), FEAST, White Gold international ceramic Festival (St Austell), Creative Civic Change (Par), Wheal Martyn Museum (Cornwall), Arts Council England,  Cornwall College, Deep Digital Cornwall & Future Foundry. 

Artist Statement (2021)

I've always been a bit of geek, a bit might be an understatement. I’ve always been obsessed with the land, with the trees, the rocks, the dirt under my feet, with people. As a child I was infatuated by fossils ....and then by dresses and make up. As I've grew up I worked in hospitality most of my life to support myself, and even when not working I was the one hosting dinner parties, making cocktails, organising walks with friends or trips away.

I can see how my life has influenced the work I make, and finally I feel my practice is aligned with my life - I get to do all the things I love, I get to meet wonderful people, spend time researching, exploring, reading, thinking, planning and hosting events... and now I get paid to do it? I think its why I work as hard as I do, being an artist is an honour and shouldn't be taken lightly, it's important to work hard for those that will engage with your work, to put on a good show, a good talk, walk, exhibition. They are giving up their time to be there so I always want to make it worth their while. 

 This new found realisation that art and life can be intertwined is shaping the way I think about and make work. Its like having this contextual backlog of thoughts, this over arching need to learn more, become entrenched in research and then thinking about how to bring people along on this journey, and not just bring them along, but to find ways to create space for them to think about these things, to engage and add to the conversation, to bring their own to it. No good art is a one way conversation. and I'm becoming increasingly more interested in the idea that the work I make has no defined end. As you will see, many of my works are listed as projects, as this is how I think about them, as projects, open and free to continue, many don't have a end date.


I am an artist; producer; a writer; a chef; a dreamer; an experimental archaeologist; a mudslinger; a guide; a Queer man; a Performer, the hostess with the mostess. (Not exclusively)