A Five month Public Arts & Heritage Programme in the heart of the China Clay County by Queer Artist and Producer Robin Sullivan.

The programme consisted of Public Field Trips, Talks, Workshops, Collaborative performances, Temporary Installations and ceramic firings to name but a few. 


At its core this work was about bringing people to together to unite, share and celebrate. It’s about landscapes, and how we as communities shape them and in return are shaped by them. Taking the 70km section of land known as the china clay landscape as a starting point, the work explores its 6000 year history of occupation; it’s uses, communities and culture over millennia and into the future.


The programme actively engaged diverse groups from Cornwall’s China Clay district in conversation about its landscape’s history and future, and with it the future of its communities and culture.

‘And Everything And Nothing Has Changed’ has been made possible with generous support and funding from; Austell Project, the Coastal Communities Fund, Creative Civic Change, Arts Council England, Cornwall Heritage Trust, FEAST, Wheal Martyn Museum, Cornwall College, Cultivator Cornwall, Ecobos and Imerys. Without their support I would still be wondering around the landscape with a sketchbook of ideas and dreams.