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A series of interconnecting works consisting of Installation, Interactive sculptures, Drawing, and Film. 


Taking the Cornish China Clay Industry, and more specifically the grid reference SX0753 as a starting point, the work explores the origins of British farming, the migration of 623 plants to Cornwall, and imagines a world where plants no longer exist in the wild. 

Stone Circles and Farming? 
- Thank Europe. 

A series of interconnected living Sculptures, Vessels & Air fresheners. 

Like the sight of a granite stone on a waste tip, or a Wall Flower Cabbage on the sea front, through the simplistic guise of a potted plant, Robin invites you to look at the benign things around you a little closer.


Stone Circles and Farming? - Thank Europe. Explores the complex relationship we have with the places we occupy. From the origins of British farming, to the performative role objects play in our curated countryside and how we understand them. This new installation was inspired by the migration of both plants and people to Cornwall, and their curation of the local landscapes both intentionally and unintentionally, examining the effect it has on our modern landscapes, thinking and lifestyle. 

The last 10 remaining non-native species in SX0753. The most biodiverse 1km of Cornwall. As outlined by the Botany Society of Britain and Ireland. 

Coincya monensis subsp. cheiranthos

Scrophularia scorodonia

Oxalis articulata

Buddleja davidii

Lamiastrum galeobdolon subsp.


Cotoneaster integrifolius

Cotoneaster x watereri

Leycesteria formosa

Passiflora caerulea

Rhododendron ponticum subsp. ponticum

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