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A new custom built 4.5 meter high wood fired Petal Kiln. 

The Petal kiln was first designed by Estonian kiln master Andres Allik in North Carolina, since then he has taken this design around the world, highlighting its versatility and performance ability at arts festivals and institutions.  

After spending a year designing a kiln that I could fire the standing stone in, one that could open up in the style of  Nina Hole, I came across Andres Alliks Petal Kiln, after contacting Andres he kindly allowed to borrow the design and recreate a version of it here in the Clay Country. 

The frame work was fabricated locally and then with the help of 25 art and design students from Cornwall college, supported by Cultivator Cornwall, we set about constructing the kiln. 

The hope is long after this programme the kiln will continue to be used by Community groups, institutions and artists across the UK. A free public resource for everyone.. with insurance... 

If you have a project idea or would like to talk to Robin about this please get in contact via the contact form. 

Click here to see Andres and his petal kiln in action at the Australian ceramics Triennale.

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