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How To Build A Stone Circle 

A two day collaborative workshop exploring the history of stone circles, and their use as civic spaces. a place to hold conversation, work together, heal, learn and share. 

The format of the workshop is also the subject. to say, by building the space, and holding conversations, listening, learning and working together we actualised this research in new and novel ways. 

We discussed stone circles history, the idea of what a community is? How you could ever possibly design a space that benefits the multifaceted intersections of the term 'community'. We discussed our shared heritage, what brought us together, our jobs, our practices, our families, how lockdown was for us all and we are looking to do in the future. One participant, Alice, played with stripping willow and the group decided this was a far nicer binding material. We started at 4.5 meters and rained it in to 2.5, we decided they looked nicer bare then covered in paper. We played with shape and form.

Over 2 days, with 12 participants, we constructed 9 sculptures, set to be used later that week in a collaborative performance evening with friends and associates of Covid and Beyond, a community arts group who have been spreading creativity in the form of virtual workshops, varying form ceramics, drawing, poetry, creativity writing and Improv. 

This event is part of ‘And Everything And Nothing Has Changed’ (2021). A 5 month Public Arts & Heritage Programme by Cornish Queer Artist & Producer Robin Sullivan. 


Made possible with generous support and funding from; Arts Council England, Austell Project, the Coastal Communities Fund, Creative Civic Change, Cornwall Heritage Trust, FEAST,  Eco-bos, Imerys, Cornwall College and Cultivator Cornwall. 

Press release for the workshop can be found here.

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