How To Build A Stone Circle Collaborative workshop 

HOW TO BUILD A STONE CIRCLE, is an informal 2 day collaborative workshop to build a giant stone circle (out of willow and tissue paper). 

@ The Temporary Art Space, West Carclaze 

Treverbyn Sky Tip, Saint Austell PL26 8WE (Site entrance on the A391) 

31st May - 1st June 2021 10am - 4pm (Packed lunch recommended)

Over this informal 2 day workshop we will be constructing Nine 2.5m high Monolithic Standing Stone Sculptures out of Willow and Paper!

I say informal because there isn't a set way to do this... we'll kind of be figuring it out as we go along.... building a Stone Circle takes a village and this stone circle is no different! It will involve team work, collaborative thinking and hands on participation! (with lots of tea, coffee and biscuits) 

The workshop is spread over two days and it would be lovely if you were able to come to both, if you can't just email us to let us know when booking. 

Day 1. 

After a brief introduction from Robin about the programme and Health and Safety Briefing...YAWN

We'll be working together as a group to construct 9 giant willow frames.... shaped like rocks... This will involve securing the largest pieces (4/5 meters long) together, and then weaving smaller pieces in between to create shape and form. 

Day 2.

Finishing off the giant willow rocks we will then be covering the entire rocks in White wet strength tissue paper to create our towering stones! I imagine a very messy day.... 

It would be really lovely if you could come along and get involved, have a chat about the landscape, the history of stone circles and common space or just what you're having for tea that night. It's all about getting together and having a nice time. 

Children are welcome but due to the nature of the workshop I would suggest 12yrs+, They will also need to be supervised by a guardian at all times (one that's also getting stuck in would be lovely :) ) if you have any questions about this please do email me.



We will be stopping for lunch on both days so please do bring a packed lunch. The workshops will be outside / under our tarpaulin cover so please dress appropriately, it can get very windy up here! 

I will send out a map after booking of how to get to the site and further details. 

P.S Parking available on site! (and a portaloo..)

This temporary Art Installation will be activated on the 5th of June with a public evening of Poetry, Improv and fun with friends and associates of Par based Community Arts Group, Covid & Beyond, Funded and supported by Creative Civic Change. (This event is separate so if you would like to come to the performance event make sure you book a space there too!) 

This workshop and the subsequent performance evening, Night of the Nine Stones, was conceived to pay homage to the legendary Nine Stones Circle, a stone circle engulfed by the China Clay industry.... and to be honest we don't really know what happened to it..... or what it looked it.. all that remains are some old maps of the area with its mention...

So I thought it was time to rebuild it and place it back within the landscape! 

The project as a whole is a jumping off point, to start questioning our relationship to historic sites in the area and the record of their social histories. This new collaborative event goes beyond these questions to examine and play with what role these sites hold in 21st century Cornwall. 

This workshop and associated Night of the Nine Stones performance has been kindly funded by FEAST and Creative Civic Change. 

All events within the programme are free but limited in capacity. For more information on this event and how you can get involved in the rest of programme go to WWW.ROBINJAMESSULLIVAN.COM or email Robin on

‘And Everything And Nothing Has Changed’ has been made possible with generous support, help and funding from; Austell Project, the Coastal Communities Fund, Creative Civic Change, Arts Council England, Cornwall Heritage Trust, Eco-bos, Imerys, FEAST, Royal Cornwall Museum, Wheal Martyn Museum, Cornwall College and Cultivator Cornwall.