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Wild Wine Club


'A Six Thousand Year History of Clay And Food.' 

A series of events celebrating clays relationship with Food & Wine throughout history. 

Over a series of Supper clubs throughout 2021 Debbie (Wild Wine School) and Artist Robin J. Sullivan will take you on journey through time and space, through the historical landscape,

 underground and through some of the most interesting vineyards throughout the world. 


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Botany & Beyond; 

the intersection of clay and plants in SX0753. 


As part of my upcoming commission for White Gold International Ceramic Festival and Austell Project Green Festival I recently spoke to the fabulous Cat Radford, joint producer of both festivals. Hear me on the 19th of September ramble on about my practice and current research project into the migration of 628 plants to GR sx0753, Par Harbour, The curated countryside, what happens when the smell of the wild disappears and why Par is connected to Liverpool through its ecology. 




And Everything And Nothing Has Changed. 


A new commission for White Gold international Ceramic Festival. 

This new commission is a 8 month programme of events organised by Robin, from community Archaeological feildtrips with Leading expert Peter Herring (Made into a separate Documentary) Clay extraction field trips, kiln building workshops in local colleges, community sculpture workshops and finally a large scale public performative event and new public sculpture!  

Just a little project to kick off 2021! 

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